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These days, along with fever heirs, Kim Tan in Vietnam, young people also rushed to buy hunting, or sitting painstakingly doing a pretty Dreamcatcher dedicate yourself or your friends. You think yourself or your friends can safely and comfortably in bed with a ring chasing dreams hanging headboard. But you have to know the whole truth behind the Dreamcatcher?


Or do you just know that Dreamcatcher is useful to attract dreams. Beautiful dream will come flying down through the feathers to go to sleep by the employer. And the bad dreams trapped on the grid and disappear when the morning sun shines on. So you know why there are 2 types of ring dream catcher not? Type tightly woven mesh, obvious uses as above. And kind of a small circular hole in the center, usually larger and more sophisticated? Round hole implies attraction, the acquirer. But it acquired something?

In the ancient literature of the Ojibwa than referring to a demon named Winanimiziwin (meaning "fear") and it is the cause of chronic nightmares for children and adults . The demon was going to eat the children's dreams and sometimes eat humans. It is dangerous and powerful, want to remove it only one way: Hang the dream catcher necklace round hole in the middle.

These feathers led demons, do they leave the human sleep and fly toward the ring. Sometimes people add arrows to weaken the power of demons, making them more prone to win. The ring has become enchanted 1 hole and vortex will suck everything, bad dream, the dream demon food and beautiful dream anymore. This explains why hang around this type at the top of the bed, there is no such kind of beautiful dreams rounds remaining. And do not get sucked into synonymous with death, demons only he was locked in, in a different world.

When the Ojibwa work on a circular hole in the center ring, they have to ensure that they are not only attracted to things inside to escape. But the development of human society, the Ojibwa tribe and increasingly shrinking number sorcerer shrinking. Fearing that someday no longer strong enough charms and demons in other dimensions can return to this world, they have destroyed all the ring allowing the center air hole.

In 2011, it was found that a deed of this Indian tribe, which has been translated into few lines as follows: "As long as the vortex was sealed, we [Winanimiziwins] can not go back to the world this., but if the ring [dream catcher] regroup, we'll know [that was weak enchantments], and we can break the back spin to clean bowl dreams and our lives ".

Imagine the dream catcher necklace that tried to destroy the Ojibwa someday appear everywhere, everyone uses it. That day will be the date back demons, and starved for too long, of course, we will not only devour dreams but our lives as well. Well, do not just believe that the beautiful dream last night was due to start within dreams bring. People believing in something, it will automatically get it, but not related to an inanimate object at all. The only effect of psychic dream catcher ring, where they are appearing more and more in this country, only signals the rapacity demons in Ojibwa legends know that we are going to return to the world humans.

Despite the fact that the very beautiful Dreamcatcher, and Kim Tan, the fans have been shopping a new "lifestyle". But the fans think of "heirs" should be more cautious in choosing the ring chasing the dream, to avoid the bad things. So anyway, "diet can be healthy," you eh?

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